View from Egyeskő

Hiking trails

The shortest marked trails towards Egyeskő start from Bălan/Balánbánya, which can be approached easiest by car. One of the trails, marked with blue stripe, departs right from the center, while the other one, marked with red triangle, leaves the elongated town from its northern end. These trails meet shortly before reaching the mountain hut built at the feet of the rock towers.

It is less comfortable, but more adventurous to approach Egyeskő backpacking on the main ridge of Hagymás Mountains (Munţii Hăşmaş) starting from either Gyimes (Ghimeş), or the popular Békás Gorge (Cheile Bicazului). These long-distance walks require more time and energy, but they offer a much wilder outdoor experience in change. If you are unable to walk the complete ridge, the two neighbouring mountaintops, called Nagy-Hagymás and Öcsém-tető, can still be reached within a relatively short distance from Egyeskő.

Let's hope you will never need to use them, but it's worth to record the following phone numbers:

  • 0725-826668 (0-SALVAMONT) | mountain rescue
  • 112 | general emergency
Egyeskő can be approached from all directions

Egyeskő can be approached from all directions
Photo: © István Csáki, 2010

Mountain hut in the junction of hiking trails

Mountain hut in the junction of hiking trails
Photo: © István Csáki, 2010

blue stripe

Blue stripe from Bălan/Balánbánya

Path: Roman catholic church (865 m) – Kovács-patak valley – Egyeskő hut (1504 m)

Time needed and distance: ~1.5 hours / 4.5 km

From the church follow the signs along the Kovács-pataka/Pârâul Fierarilor street. Following an easy walk of about 800 m, having left the last houses behind, the trail leaves the road and starts climbing up a steep ridge. For approximately 45 minutes the path ascends in dense pinewood forest, then gradually becomes less steep and nice views open towards the Ciuc/Csík Basin and the main ridge of Hăşmăş/Hagymás Mountains that you are currently approaching. The trail soon travels over to the other side of the ridge, passes through a patch of thorn forest, and crosses a tributary of the Sep/Szép creek. The marks lead by a large piece of rock on the other side, and in a few minutes you arrive to the bottom of a clearing, where the trail is joined by another one coming from Bălan/Balánybánya, marked with red triangle. The remaining 300 m is a steep slope to the top of the clearing, where you reach the Egyeskő hut. The place offers great view on the breathtaking rock towers as well as on the villages of the Ciuc/Csík Basin down below.

red triangle

Red triangle from Bălan/Balánbánya

Path: Szép-patak confluence (885 m) – Szép-patak valley – Egyeskő hut (1504 m)

Time needed and distance: ~1.5 hours / 3 km

The trail starts at the forestry building by the confluence of Sep/Szép creek and Olt river. From here follow the forestry road towards east for a couple of minutes. After passing by a series of houses (on your right), you will notice a dry tree trunk with an arrow sign. Leave the forestry road in the indicated direction, cross the homestead and climb up the grassy ridge between the Szép and Nagy creeks, where you reach a cart road, which will guide you for the remaining part. First it crosses a long clearing (about 1.6 km), passing by several hayfolts. After the last building two additional roads merge with the cart road, which then crosses a young forest, getting more and more narrow, steep and rocky. Soon the other hiking trail from Bălan/Balánybánya joins from the right, marked with blue stripe. The last part is a steep but grassy slope on a clearing which used to be a ski-run. Finally arriving to the Egyeskő hut, you can enjoy the well-deserved panorama of the surrounding landscape.