View from Egyeskő


The easiest way of getting to Egyeskő is from Balánbánya (Bălan in Romanian). The nearest train stop is at Csíkszentdomokos village (the name of the station is Izvoru Oltului). From there you must continue further by bus, hitch-hike or walk (the distance is about 11 km). Approaching by car is easier, in that case you shall leave the main road DN-12 at Csíkszentdomokos (Sândominic in Romanian) towards Bălan/Balánbánya.

There are two hiking trails leading up to Egyeskő from Balánbánya. The one that follows the valley of Szép (Sep) creek (marked with red triangle) starts from the town's northern end, while the one along the valley of Kovács (Fierarului) creek (marked with blue stripe) starts in the town centre, at the roman catholic church. Behind the church you will find a small parking lot, where the car shall be left. From here, continue the journey on foot in Kovács-patak street, following the trail signs.

Albeit less comfortable, it is more adventurous to approach Egyeskő backpacking on the main ridge of Hagymás Mountains (Munţii Hăşmaş) starting from either Gyimes (Ghimeş), or the popular Békás Gorge (Cheile Bicazului). The ridge is marked by a hiking trail from both directions. This kind of approach requires more time and energy, but it offers a much wilder outdoor experience in change.

The marked hiking trails of Egyeskő and its neighbourhood can be studied on the interactive map of